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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

A Stockbridge Artist

“I love art, you can never be wrong and I get to draw and paint things that are in my head that I like and even if it’s not exactly what I thought, it doesn’t matter, I can change it.”

by a Year 6 student

Creativity, exploration and innovation are hallmarks of high quality art.  Mass producing a piece of art work that is identical to your friend’s one is not this so at Stockbridge, we’ve designed our art curriculum to inspire and educate children on great artists, past and present as well as encourage them to explore different media.  In doing this, we hope to allow children to develop their art skills sufficiently so that they produce work of their own style and to their own level.

Once a year, through Christmas card designs, the whole school takes one style eg. printing, and develops their understanding and skill at this enabling us to exemplify progression and skill teachers up in different methods.

Drawing is a common theme in each term with each art unit having a drawing focus, albeit using different media; charcoal, pencil, pastel etc.

Developing artists at Stockbridge