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Music at Stockbridge

The National Curriculum for Music says that children should be inspired to develop a love of music throughout their education. Children learn to perform, listen to and evaluate music across a range of historical periods and genres. They experiment with sound and compose their own music for a range of purposes – much of which can be seen in our Sharing assemblies.

Our aim is to enable our children to develop their musical playing skills as well as their understanding of the inter-related dimensions of music – pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and notation.

In our Early Years settings, children are exposed to music all day every day with lots of songs, rhythm patterns and instruments forming part of the daily routines. In KS1 and KS2, the children’s knowledge and skill level develops during their rota of half hourly morning slots.

by Matilda, Year 3.

Music lessons are all around at Stockbridge school

When you are in Year 3 and 4 you will play as a class; keyboard, violin, cello, trumpet or trombone.  If you really like it then try doing the little group lessons and take another step forward.  You can do this at any age if you are in Stockbridge Primary School.  In these small groups, you can learn guitar or in fact any instrument you like.  You will be put into groups of your standard and they are nice teachers who show you what to do.

If you want to have individual lessons, these are also available and the school works out the best time to slot in the lesson.

Every term Hampshire Music allows students to try an instrument.  I play the keyboard with my friends, after trying it out for a term, I really loved it and wanted to learn more!

Sometimes people come and play their instruments in the playground with a crowd of people following.  They are so good! 

Musician of the week

We believe that exposing the children to a broad range of musicians is so important for developing a rich musical curriculum – that’s why we have introduced our Musician of The Week. Each week Mrs Cooper chooses a musician for the children across the school to listen to and introduces this with an assembly. We then pick out one of the key interrelated dimensions of music (e.g. pitch, tempo…) to focus on when we listen to their music. This music is played in the corridor, in classrooms during transition times and a note is put on the newsletter so that the music can be enjoyed at home too. So far this year we have been enjoying a wide variety from Stevie Wonder, McFly and Tan Dun to Tina Turner, Johnny Cash and Shakira!

Direct access to learning instruments

We believe that every child should learn to play at least one musical instrument as part of regular curriculum time.

We were lucky enough to receive a Music for all grant and funds from a local cinema group  which have enabled us to fund instruments for each class.

In Sprat and Winkle our children learn to experiment with the sounds of instruments and create their own music – whether that be a superhero theme tune to add a backdrop to their Batman role play or experimenting with sticks on different objects during Forest School.

In Redbridge the children each have their own P-Buzz (beginners trombone) to master – this is perfect for developing an understanding of dynamics!

Horsebridge are lucky enough to be learning the Ocarina (with a very keen Miss T!).

Mottisfont will be getting their own set of chime bars

Clatford have a class set of ukuleles!

In addiotion to this, music lessons are available from Year 3 onwards with specialist music teachers both from the Hampshire County music service and from small, independent providors who are specialists in their field.  Very often, children come to music lessons having experienced a musical instrument at home or in their music curriculum lessons.

Musical tuition delivered by HCC music service teachers is £65 per term, payable at the start of the year.  There is the option to hire a musical instrument so you can see if your child takes to it before necessarily committing a huge amount of money towards one!  Individual music teachers deal with payment separately to the school and liaise with parents directly.

We are very lucky to have an expert cellist amongst our staff and a number of parents who played their musical instruments at our carol concert for the children so we are not short of people to inspire our children!  They love it when an adult demonstrates the possibilities that are open when you can play an instrument well and this modelling is a crucial part of developing perhaps the next Ed Sheeran!

Our talent show gave children the opportunity to demonstrate their musical skills with several composing pieces of their own, others showcasing their emerging talents on cello and violin and others in pairs on keyboards – quite a skill!

Music in the curriculum

Music is built into the curriculum each term, delivered by either class teachers, PPA teachers or music specialists.

Children in key stage 1 familiarise themselves with a range of instruments, largely untuned percussion, explore timbre, dynamic and rhythm.  This is usually done with Mrs McClue or their class teacher and passion is the key word here!  We want to give children a love of music in all its forms.  We are developing our singing curriculum and have inspired children with the ‘Giant Sing’ at Basingstoke Anvil during the spring term.

In Years 5 & 6, children have experienced a wide range of instruments, take part in singing lessons and sing up choir, sing at the O2 with Young Voices and generally follow their interests in a particular instrument or develop their knowledge of more complex musical concepts and composition.

Other opportunities

Working with experts and having exposure to high-quality live music is so important. Children at Stockbridge have access to;

  • Workshops from Hampshire Music Service
  • Singing workshops with Sing Up Ambassadors as well as Martin Seymour from Romsey Abbey
  • Peripatetic guitar, ukulele and piano lessons – with regular concerts for peers and parents
  • Young Voices
  • Listen2Me lessons in Mottisfont
  • Choir club and Recorder club
  • Skills week (an opportunity to showcase musical talents)
  • Musical parents playing carols around the Christmas Tree