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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school


We are so very excited to have 20 new faces joining Sprat & Winkle class in September 2021 and know that this year is a little bit strange in terms of how we’ll get to know you! Many of you are joining us from Kingfishers class, our on-site pre-school but we have got some new faces too!

Mrs Cooper and Miss Palk, the teachers in Sprat & Winkle are really keen to get to know you and find out all the things you love (as well as the things you don’t like very much!).  They’ll be coming to visit you at home in September and that’s not very many weeks away now!

Bring your bear!

Your new bear should have found its way to you at home!

Miss Kirkham and Miss Palk sent you one of our bear friends to say hi and keep you company until you can come to school.  We’ve seen some lovely photos and videos of you introducing your bears to your brothers and sisters and being shown around the house.  Don’t forget to keep them company and read them lots of stories otherwise they’ll feel like they’re missing out because we read lots of stories with them at school!

Keep a look out for the next parcel from us…it’s red, a rectangle and has a secret pocket!  Inside, is lots of exciting things…