Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school


The best way to view our setting is knelt down and at the children’s height.  It’s their setting, they use it, they learn in it and they have lots of fun.  You might not find hanging bits and pieces or vibrant colours at our eye level but you will see resources arranged independently for children to access, natural materials to link the inside with the outside environment and prompts to encourage self-reliance.

Child-led learning is at the very heart of our ethos and we have carefully planned our environment to reflect this.  Depending on our children’s interests in any given week, you might find a Chinese dragon, a spaceship, a tadpole tank or a rabbit in our environment – be prepared!

Look at what's inside!


We already have an amazing outdoor space as we share and use the extensive grounds of the Primary School but in addition to this, we have added a unique outdoor amphitheatre for our youngest children to explore, create, build, play, imagine and use their senses and curious nature.

Each child has an outdoor waterproof suit (dungarees) and jacket and we have heaps of pairs of wellies so that we can get out no matter what the weather.  We had great fun in the first flurry of snow when it finally arrives but we also love the rain, especially when it drips from the old edging on the station and lands on our heads!!

Look at what's outside!