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Reading, spelling and phonics - the basics of English


Reading is the cornerstone of all education, we firmly believe that a passion for reading, developed early in life is the way forwards for children and opens up new worlds and a creative imagination. We are developing our library further this year with support from Hampshire Library Service and introduced new reading journals in October for KS2 to encourage responses to reading.  In KS1 we  use a combination of Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cat, Bug club and free readers to encourage a broad range of reading.  This is supplemented at an early stage with Jelly and Bean books to get some children reading.

We have created recommended reading lists for all children from years 1-6 which can be found below.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Jade, a librarian tells you more about our library

We held a reading workshop for parents with children of all ages, led by external consultant Marie Svilis who is working with us to develop a really rich reading curriculum.  A PDF copy of the slide from this workshop can be found by clicking here. 


We begin Letters and Sounds (the government scheme for phonics) in pre-school with our very youngest children teaching them sound discrimination and tuning in their listening skills.  This then feeds through into school with dedicated phonics teaching using the same programme and backed up by cued articulation.  This is a way of teaching children actions linked to where the sound is produced in their mouths which helps those children who struggle with making an accurate sound as well as being generally good practice.

Scroll down to watch phonic videos by Year R


The next step on from phonics but learnt at the same time!  26 letters, on their own or combined can make 144 sounds – that’s a mammoth journey for our children but we begin small and grow and the children grow with us.  Weekly spelling journals, personalised lists and words learnt alongside reading all help to cement children’s knowledge and understanding of our complex spelling system.  If you require any support with your child’s spelling, please see their class teacher who will be more than happy to give you some ideas.

Not sure what action goes with what sound? Let Year R help you! Click below to watch videos of actions & sounds