Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Pre-School staff

“The staff are unfailingly caring…learning is subconscious but always planned and takes into account each child as an individual.”

Parent of 3 & 4 year olds

We know that handing your child over to someone else is a huge decision for any parent and we take the responsibility you pass us, incredibly seriously.  Our staff are experienced in Early Years and genuinely love being with children all day long!  Our setting is ably led by Mrs Evans and ably supported by a great team who all take on responsibilities throughout the setting.

In any session, there will be at least 2, if not 3, members of staff.  We are generous with our ratios because we want children to have the very best quality of care and attention possible.

We are a small setting and all staff know and play with all children however, the key worker role provides the opportunity for you and your child to develop a special relationship with one adult in the setting who knows your child really, really well.  This secure attachment to a nominated person is key for your child to thrive in our setting.  When we meet parents and children on their initial look around the school, we begin to consider which of our key workers would be best suited to your child and come out to meet with you all at home before your child starts with us.  We use this time to find out about what your child loves, avoids and everything in between so that we plan the best start possible.

All of our staff have completed rigorous training in:

  • paediatric first aid
  • safeguarding and child protection
  • food safety & hygiene
  • PREVENT and British Values

Mrs Evans

Pre-School Manager

Having joined us  just after October half term in 2020, Mrs Evans brought with her a real passion for making sure our littlest people receive the very best of care, attention and support.  She has many years working in an outstanding nursery and managing a pre-school setting as well as working with families of children with additional and challenging needs.

Mrs Evan’s loves being creative and arty and is frequently to be found elbows deep in paint and glue or mud and leaves!  Driven by what is right for the child, she has great ideas about the smooth transition into pre-school and has years of working with outside agencies as well as developing staff within her setting.

Mrs Freeman

Full time key worker

Whilst Mrs Freeman may be new to our team this September, she has made her mark already with her kindness and patience in working with our pre-schoolers.  She can often be found in amongst some arty or craft activity or, most frequently, outside in the water and mucky play and, although she always looks pristine, the same can’t be said for the children who love getting mucky!

Mrs Freeman brings with her a huge amount of experience both in pre-schools and Year R classes as well as further up the school so she knows the lofty heights children need to reach and the importance of setting strong foundations at a young age.

Mrs Tanner

Part time key worker

You may have seen Mrs Tanner’s details in our LSA information for the upper school as she splits her time between Pre-School and Year 1/2 where she supports a child with SEN.  She is a very talented lady and can support both sets of children ably but I think if pressed, she’d say her heart is in pre-school!  She is unfailingly kind and loves role play in the home corner with the children or arts and crafts activities to develop children’s communication and language skills.

Having a foot in both camps means she knows the skills children need in order to be successful in school and will work on these with the children as they more through pre-school and get ready for the leap into primary school.