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PE sports premium

Keeping healthy and encouraging children to be active learners is at the heart of our curriculum, not just in PE but in the wider breadth and balance of the curriculum however, we are lucky to receive funding specifically for PE by virtue of the London Olympics drivers to sustain lifelong habits of being active and healthy. We have established the peer mentor scheme which is very active and children have taken real responsibility in enacting this scheme to it’s fullest; they choose a ‘Perfect Playground Partner’ who has engaged with their games all week and shown good friendship to others on the playground, they organise activities at lunchtime so that everyone can be busy and active and they thrive on teaching others new skills; hula hooping or skipping at the moment! The sustainability of the improvements made as a direct result of the money is evident in the higher quality PE learning that children are undertaking and their passion and interest when we are gathering together teams for events.  Teachers are now in the cycle of planning and delivering good quality PE lessons and have avenues of support to use if they feel they have a dip in skills or need to know something new.

William B, Year 3 writes:

“At Stockbridge Primary and Pre-school, we have lots of tournaments such as football, basketball, netball, cross country, rounders, cricket and indoor athletics.  We have close links with Test Valley so most of our tournaments are held there but last year, we made it through to the District level for Netball too!  We practise in school time and our own time.  There is a netball club which is held before school and is run by Mrs Zanchi.  We also practise some lunch times like when we play basketball skills. 

Sometime the football team practise their skills on the playground and field, Miss Knapman runs the football and helps us to get better.  We also have PE which is run by Mrs Devereux on Mondays.  Mrs Devereux teaches us all sorts of sports and games and they are really fun.  They also help us to improve our skills.  We have won a lot of trophies as a school which we are all proud of and we display in the corridor. 

What did we spend our money on?

Find out all you need to know about how we spent our money in 2022-23 and the impact it had on ,our pupils.  We received the grand sum of £17,300.

2022-23 spend and impact

What will we spend it on this year?

Although the funding comes to schools split over 2 financial years, it still spans the entire academic year and we have a plan!  See below for details of how we using our funding to improve children’s health in 2023-24.

2023-24 plan for PE premium

Platinum sports award

We were very proud to achieve the Sainsbury’s School Games Platinum award in 2022-23 .  This is a special award only given to schools who have achieved five consecutive years of Gold awards and is in recognition of our continued commitment to high quality, regular sport.

July of 20223-24 was the culmination of a very successful year of sport for Stockbridge – our best ever year in fact!  We were successful in many of our inter cluster competitions and if we didn’t win, we were placed or showed an improved performance from the previous year. Our children developed a real appetite for PE and the peer mentor programme grew from strength to strength.  Bronze ambassadors found their feet and have been leading the daily mile and a growing number of physical challenges – our playground is positively buzzing!

Look at criteria for the award here


So that children can get the most out of the residential experiences as well as have life long ‘life skills’, we have invested heavily in swimming since the pandemic.  On return to lessons, we found a lot of our Year 4 children were still scared of the water having had little opportunity to get in the water during COVID lockdowns and the subsequent restrictions.

In 2022-23 therefore, not only did we provide swimming lessons for all children in Year 4 and also for those in Year 5 & 6 who couldn’t yet swim 25m during school time, we also used our PE premium funding to pay for extra intensive swimming lessons for those children in Years 4-6 who couldn’t swim 25m and their siblings in most cases too so that children are at least water confident by the time they get to Year 4.

Of our Year 6 who left in July 2023;

  • 90% could swim 25m or more
  • 85% could undertake a range of strokes efficiently
  • 55% could perform a safe self-rescue in different water based situations