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Chat About

In Spring term 2023, we resurrected our parent forum ‘Chat About’ after an extended break.  Our school is all about its community and parents are at the centre of this.   It has proved, in the past and now, a really successful way for the school and for parents to exchange views and thoughts on issues which are current or upcoming and capture any playground queries before they grow into issues which feel unresolvable.

We are all here to make sure our children get the very best deal possible and for that to happen a strong school and parent relationship is critical.

We have made some significant changes to core areas of our school offer this year and want to ensure that parent views are taken into account when evaluating their success and help shape the future of our provision.

Who makes up Chat About?

Always Mrs Jefferies

A governor; Mrs Kidd is currently the governor representative

Parents; Chosen randomly (roughly every 10th,depending on class size) from a class list.

How are meetings structured?

UPDATE ON…makes us review things which were raised last time

VIEWS ON…new items that have been added to the agenda by school

DISCUSSION ON…new items that have been raised by parents.

How do I get my voice heard?

At the bottom of each agenda and set of minutes is the list of parents who represent each class.  If you have an issue you would like to raise or a viewpoint on one of the ‘views on’ items, please let your parent forum rep or Mrs Jefferies know so that it can be discussed.  So that the school can formulate a useful reply or consider things fully, we do ask for any new issues to be raised by a certain deadline, usually 4 or 5 days, before the meeting.  This hopefully makes the best use of the time we have.