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Our school uniform

Day to day clothes

School uniform may not make a difference to the academic outcomes pupils achieve but it definitely makes a difference to their sense of belonging and identity and we start in pre-school with even our youngest children wearing our school uniform.

We have a summer uniform and a winter uniform; the primary difference being in winter (Dec – Feb half term, shorts should not be worn and if wearing a skirt, tights are a good idea too or long socks with shorts under the skirt)

So that there are no excuses about getting outside, we provide children with waterproof jacket and trousers as well as wellies, the rest is over to you!  More details below.

Day to day uniform list

PE kit

We do PE in all weathers, all year so we recommend a summer PE kit and a winter PE kit.  We will let you know in the newsletters when it’s time for the winter PE kit to come out but generally, it’s after October half term and then it can go back away after Easter.

Having your PE kit in all week is essential as we might grab a spot of sunshine to get outside or equally, empty hall time is rare so we seize the opportunity when we can.

In addition to the standard PE kit, we also ask that every child has an unlabelled (no branding etc) t-shirt in their family group colour of either red, blue yellow or green.  Your child will know what family they are in.  These t-shirts are used for sports day and other inter-school events.

Where should I buy uniform from?

We require all children to have a logo sweatshirt or cardigan and a logo red PE t-shirt.  This is so that when we are competing at sports or out on a school visit, children can very quickly identify themselves as a Stockbridge Primary & Pre-School pupil.

All other uniform; white shirts, white poloshirts, trousers, dresses and skirts can be bought from any shop of your choice as long as it matches school policy.  We highly recommend a multipack of white poloshirts from a supermarket which are cheap as chips!  They get mucky on a day to day basis and can be boiled washed to within an inch of their lives.  If they go grey, please do buy a replacement though.

All of our uniform with logos is available on the website below and all uniform items CAN be bought from them but it’s probably more economical to buy logo items from them and all others from supermarkets and the high street.

Pre-loved uniform

Our brilliant PTA – FOSS – run a pre-loved uniform sale that’s available all year round and supports sustainability and our planet as well as your pocket.  You can access all available clothing, shoes and bags online at  where there are real bargains that help keep our planet a bit greener.  They are very fussy about the quality that’s taken so you can expect great quality pre-loved clothing at a fraction of the price.

Clothing can be donated too by placing it in the plastic box near the school entrance.  This is also where you can collect your ordered goods – they’ll be wrapped in brown recycled and recyclable paper with your name on. Easy peasy!

All school uniform can be ordered at