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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Our school uniform

Day to day clothes

School uniform may not make a difference to the academic outcomes pupils achieve but it definitely makes a difference to their sense of belonging and identity and we start in pre-school with even our youngest children wearing our school uniform.

So that there are no excuses about getting outside, we provide children with waterproof jacket and trousers as well as wellies, the rest is over to you!  More details below.

Day to day uniform list

PE kit

We do PE in all weathers, all year so we recommend a summer PE kit and a winter PE kit.  We will let you know in the newsletters when it’s time for the winter PE kit to come out but generally, it’s after October half term and then it can go back away after Easter.

Having your PE kit in all week is essential as we might grab a spot of sunshine to get outside or equally, empty hall time is rare so we seize the opportunity when we can.

PE kit lists

All school uniform can be ordered at