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Clubhouse after school care

The Clubhouse started in September 2015 in response to requests from parents for after school care provision at school and it has proved a popular addition for parents, children and the school.

Children know the adults who run Clubhouse well as they’re familiar faces from around school and they collect children from each class at the end of each day ensuring a smooth handover between school and after school care ready to hand children over to parents at pick up.

Clubhouse is a private business run by a parent, working closely with the school to ensure continuity of care.


The Clubhouse is open to all children in the school from Year R up and runs from 3:30-6pm every day that school is open so you have guaranteed childcare available when you need it.

They have continued to open during our COVID closures both in the summer and the recent lockdown and can operate safely with children separated in their bubbles as far as possible.  Both school and Clubhouse believe that this is a vital service for key workers and other families who work and endeavour to keep things running safely for as long as possible.


A full session costs just £12.80 and includes a snack, help with homework, varied activities and an evening meal.  We also offer a flexible hourly rate option at £4.85 per hour for those who don’t need a full session (depending on space).  You can save money by paying with childcare vouchers and we offer a third sibling discount to make it more accessible for larger families.

There is a variety of start and finish time options, detailed below, so you can choose something that really suits your family:

Time £
3:15-4:15  £         4.95
3:15 – 5 £          8.55
4:15 – 5  £         3.80
4:15-6  £         8.55
3:15-6  £        12.95

Peace of mind

The Clubhouse is Ofsted registered and fully insured.  All of our staff are highly experienced and qualified and fully DBS checked.  We provide a warm and caring atmosphere where children stay on the school premises with their friends.

We are usually based in the school library but also do activities in the main hall and spend as much time out in the grounds as we can.  During the autumn and spring term of 2020-21, Clubhouse are based solely in the hall as the school has expanded to 7 classes.

We have a full set of policies and procedures which are available to view in the Library at any time.  The safety and well-being of your children is our priority.

What’s included?

Children start the session with a healthy snack and we provide a nutritious meal at around 5pm.  We offer a fun and varied programme of activities.  These are structured around a theme for each half term and each day usually has a different type of activity.  We also help children do their homework.  In addition to adult-led activities, a number of other options are available for children to choose from and they get time to just chill-out too.

For more details of the meals and activities on offer, see our schedule, which is published weekly.  We also produce a newsletter every half term to give you an idea of what your children have been up to and what will be coming up.


To book simply log on to:    You can book half termly in advance for regular sessions or ad-hoc (depending on space).

You might want to get in touch with Miriam White ( or 07557 916359) to talk through provision or answer any questions before booking.

You will need to register your child(ren) prior to using the booking system above, Miriam can give you further information on how to do this and all payments are done in advance.