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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

What are our fees and when are we open?

We aim to be as flexible as possible and mirror the school day whilst leaving time for families to drop children off at school before settling their little one in Kingfisher class and similarly, time to collect them from Kingfishers at the end of the session before getting older children from school.

The setting is open daily from 08:55 – 15:00.

Morning sessions all begin at 08:55.

However, their duration can vary.  You can collect your child at:

11:00 (2hrs session, not available as part of the 15 funded hours)

11:30 (2 and a half hr session – suitable for some of our younger children)

12:00 (3hrs – can count towards your 15 funded hours)

12:30 (2 and a half hours – they stay for lunch within this time)

13:00 (4 hours including lunchtime)

Afternoon sessions all end at 15:00.

They can start at:

12:00 (3hrs and include lunchtime)

12:30 (2 and a half hours – no lunch)

13:00 (2 hours)

2 year olds

Fee-payable places

Ratios for 2 year old children are much higher to staff which ensures children are adequately supervises – they must operate in a setting on a 1:4 basis. Therefore their cost is higher per hour.

1 hour = £7

(prices current from 1 September 2021)

2 Year old funding

Some children may qualify for 2 year old funded places.  This means that the government will pay for your 2 year old to receive some Early Years pre-school education for free.  There are strict eligibility criteria you must meet in order to qualify for the funding and we can help you with this but as a general guide, it is targeted at those families who have an income under £16,190 per year and who receive certain benefits. It is also available for those children who are, or have been, in local-authority care; have been adopted from care or those receiving Disability Living Allowance. Details of whether or not you may be eligible can be found here:

Please contact Mrs Spayes in the school office to go through the checker with her and complete the appropriate forms.

3 & 4 year olds

In the term after your child turns 3, they are eligible for 15 hours free funded places at pre-school in our Kingfishers class. The government funds these places and it’s such a great scheme which gives every child the opportunity to experience a great start to their school journey.

We also offer 30 hours care across the week which means that, for those eligible, you can claim the free 30 hours funding from the Government.  Please see below for further information.

If you don’t qualify for the 30 hours funding you can of course ‘buy’ more hours on top of the universal free funded places meaning that you can extend your child’s time in pre-school during the week.

1 hour = £6.25

(prices current from 1st September 2021)

Using the same criteria as the 2 year old funding, some children are eligible for extra funding called the Early Years Pupil Premium.  This is used to support your child’s development and provision for them to ensure that they are on track to meet the Early Learning Goal at the end of Year R.

From 4th January 2021, there is a consumables charge levied for every child with the exception of those who qualify for the Early Years pupil premium. The consumables charge for every child, irrespective of age is £2 per half day session (morning or afternoon) and £3 for a full day session.

Conditions of payment

We invoice you termly, payable by the end of that term for any hours used which are:

  • over and above the 15 funded hours (if you use all 15 at our setting)
  • chargeable if you use your 15 funded hours at another setting (either entirely or if you share with another setting)
  • for 2 year olds who do not receive any funding from government

You may settle invoices in cash or online using our online payment site:  If you wish to use childcare vouchers through your company’s scheme, please speak to the school office in the first instance as the set up needs to be checked our end first.

From September 2021:  Invoices will be issued within the first week of term and are due for payment within 10 days of this time.  If the invoice is not settled in full within 10 days, 10% of the outstanding invoice will be applied as a late payment fee.  If an outstanding balance remains on the account after 20 days, we will have to consider stopping any non-government funded hours. 

We do understand that circumstances change for young families so should you need to cancel your child’s place at pre-school, we ask for 6 weeks notice.  Any funding claimed by our setting within the headcount period but not used with us because of your move to a different setting can be transferred to them directly but the 6 week notice period must be paid for either in funded hours which you are welcome to continue using during that 6 week period or via payment directly to the office.  Please speak to Mrs Spayes if this will apply.

A copy of our charging policy, which includes more detail on pre-school charges, is available by clicking here.