Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Would you like your child to join us?

One of the bonus points of joining the school and pre-school is that staff in Kingfishers don’t have to do admin tasks – they can just focus on the children!  This does mean that all of paperwork associated with bills, registration and hours are done by Mrs Spayes or Miss Lawler in the school office – you’ll get to know them well!!

Make contact

Call us or pop in so that we can discuss your requirements.  You might want specific days or times and we can easily check this for you. If you’re calling, we’ll arrange a time for you to come in and have a look at Kingfishers class – you’ll know as soon as you walk into the setting whether we’re the right choice for your child!

Let’s do it! The dreaded paperwork bit

Once you’ve decided that we are the pre-school for you, we’ll give you a pack of forms and information but we’ll also arrange a home visit.  Take the forms away with you and fill them in over a quiet (!) cup of coffee in your own time but please do have them ready for your home visit so that your child’s new key worker can bring them back to school.

Home visit

Inviting us into your home is the biggest sign of trust you can demonstrate to your child and starts our relationship off on the right foot!  Your child’s key worker and  Mrs Evans will come and meet with you; 1 will talk with you about your child so that we get to know all their foibles whilst the other plays with your child and gets to know them.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask all kinds of questions you might have and staff can explain about our basic policies, uniform and much more. At the end of the home visit, they will arrange a series of taster sessions as well as take the completed forms back to school.

Taster sessions

These are a valuable opportunity for you to come into Kingfishers with your child and settle them; finding out their new routines plus all the practical bits and pieces such as where the toilets are and how they have snack.

Go for it!

Home visit? Done.  Taster sessions? Done.  Let’s go for it!  It’s time for your little one to venture into pre-school on their own.  Do take part in the stay and plays to begin with and please do keep us up to date with what they’re learning and doing via Class Dojo – this is a brilliant resource to link school and home.