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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

OfSTED are the regulatory body for schools and undertake regular school inspections to ensure schools are meeting required standards.  At Stockbridge, we have been a ‘Good’ school for many years and are very proud of the education and experiences we offer our children.  Our most recent report is listed below but to have a good look at OfSTED’s website, please visit their website which can be found by clicking here.

Current school inspection

We were most recently inspected in September 2023.  As we were a ‘good’ school prior to the inspection, we only had a 2 day visit from an HMI and the judgement remained ‘good’.  Because we were a ‘good’ school anyway, the purpose of any inspection visit was to ensure the school was still good, explore any key issues arising from current data and ensure that we are effectively safeguarding all of our children.

Any inspection is only a small snapshot of the work that goes on in the school on a day by day basis.  The inspector saw lots more than is recorded in the report and did experience a full and rich day of learning in all aspects of the curriculum but, only explored the following key issues:

  • What is the quality of education?
  • Is safeguarding effective?
  • What is the quality of personal development?
  • What are behaviour and attitudes like across the school?
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Parent view is open to you

OfSTED place great importance on parent’s views of the school and you can view our parent view pages by clicking on the tab below.  You’ll need to register first.