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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Our Governors

The Governors at Stockbridge Primary & Pre-School are an important part of the leadership team and support Mrs Jefferies in managing the strategic side of school development whilst ensuring that the School is meeting its statutory responsibilities. They act as the School’s ‘critical friend’ to ensure that the needs of every child are catered for.

In line with our school vision, the Governors are always outward looking and forward thinking.  We moved to a flat structure 2 years ago so that Governors could share expertise more closely.  Our annual skills audit reflects the breadth of knowledge and skills our Governors bring and we recruit for any vacancies (although rare) based on skills gaps.  We currently have: 2 accountants on our team, a barrister, a health and safety expert, HR recruitment specialist, communications specialist, special educational needs specialist, long standing service family links, community governors and HR processes experts.

As well as their specialisms, we moved, in 2022 to an online governance model to accommodate those whose careers take them away from work but they still want to contribute.  Our meetings are often hybrids of face to face and online participation.  After our Chair completed the Chair of Governors training, we moved to the NGA, The Key and Governor Hub as well as taking up the online ‘learning link’ offer from the NGA so that we could have our finger on the pulse of the most up to date, current thinking in Governance and keep the school at the top of its game.

Chair: Miriam White

Vice Chair: TBC

Contact the Governing Body through our Clerk to Governors:

Governing body membership comprises a core group of governors which in our governing body number a total of 5 posts; headteacher, Local Authority governor, two parent governors and a staff governor. In addition to this, there are up to 7 co-opted posts giving a total of 12 governors. We also have associate governor posts which are introduced for a time limited period to address a need of the school at any current point in time. Despite the organisational split in posts, no Governor has power over another and the Full Governing Body (FGB) work collaboratively for the good of the children at the school.

Core governing group

  • LA post: Vicky Venables
  • Parent 1: Miriam White (Chair)
  • Parent 2: Gemma Butler
  • Staff post: Kerry Natt
  • Headteacher: Emma Jefferies

Co-opted Governors:

  • Tom Horder
  • Jennifer Kidd
  • Adam Munt
  • Mary Richards
  • Steve Dunn
  • Richie Holliday
  • Dominic Reynolds

Our clerk is Mr Barry Stay and is the main point of contact for any Governing body business. He can be contacted via email at

Minutes of meetings are public documents and are available in paper copy on request from the Clerk once they have been approved by Governors.

Governor meetings

In January 2020, the Governing body moved to a ‘flat structure’ whereby all Governors meet to discuss all business rather than operating several committees.  The driving force behind this was that the skillsets of the Governing body were broad and varied and allowed each Governor to have specialist areas of knowledge but it would be good practice to have others develop skills in the different areas so as to provide challenge and broaden knowledge.

Governors meet monthly and have a carefully mapped out plan of meetings for each academic year to ensure coverage and depth on key issues and ensure they meet the deadlines for things like budget setting, school development plan evaluation and health and safety checks.

Governor attendance

We meet each month as a whole Full Governing Body and then, should any work groups need to get together for specific projects, we meet in these smaller groups which feed back into the FGB.  We prefer this flat structure as it strengthens the team and keeps everyone’s ‘hand’ in all areas with some then taking specialisms when required.  This means that we meet very regularly throughout the year to discuss business.  Attendance at the meetings is key to keeping in touch with what’s going on in school.

Attendance information

Governor details

Governors are divided into committee groups depending on their skill sets so that we maximise the benefits and expertise they bring to the school.  A skills audit is completed regularly to check that we are covering any gaps in our knowledge and then the training governor feeds this knowledge into the training programme each year so that we are all updating our skill sets and keeping up with new national priorities as well as school ones.  This spread of experience is important to a healthy, functioning and most importantly challenging Governing Body.

Governor details

Governors interests

It is vitally important for the school community that the school makes transparent judgements and decisions as they represent not just the parent and child body but take an oversight of the budget which is ultimately, public money. This is the register of pecuniary interest.

Pecuniary interests

Miriam White

Parent Governor & Chair

I joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor in 2017 as a way of giving a little back to a school and community that has given my family such a lot.  I was secretary for the Pre School Committee previously and part of the team that moved to combine the pre school with the school.

As a Parent Governor I aim to represent the views of parents across the school and I’m always happy to be approached to discuss views that parents would like represented.  With three children spread across three different year groups and contact with many parents through ‘Clubhouse’, I try to keep my finger on the pulse at all times.

I use my previous commercial and business experience to help scrutinise the school budget and finances to ensure we deliver the best possible value for our pupils.

Tom Horder

Co-opted Governor

I was brought up in Stockbridge and after moving away returned to live here in 2011. I love the area and became a governor because I wanted to help, if I could, play a part in the continued success of our local school. I strongly believe that our school is vital part of our Stockbridge community.

I am Dad to Eddie (currently in Year 4) and Bee (Year 2)

I am a co-opted governor and am one of the Governors responsible for Health and Safety. I am also the link Governor for both History and Art.

In my professional life I am a barrister specialising in Crime and Regulatory Crime. This involves working with a wide range of individuals and agencies, from vulnerable adults and children to large government agencies. I try to bring my experience of helping to resolve conflicts, working with others and putting across simple and persuasive arguments to my work as a governor.

Dominic Reynolds

Co-opted  Governor

I live in Stockbridge – just across the roundabout from the school – with my wife Clare and children Eliza and Arthur. I grew up on the other side of Winchester in Ropley, and came back to Hampshire from London in the middle of the pandemic (we were one of those families). I always loved Stockbridge when I was growing up and we couldn’t be happier to be settled and bringing up the family here.

I wanted to be involved at the school because I know how vital it is for the community for the school to be thriving. My question was whether I could actually make myself useful. Emma reassured me that I could look after communications. For 15 years, I worked as a TV correspondent at ITN and these days am a communications advisor to business leaders. So when it comes to how the school communicates, if you feel you’re getting too much or too little of it, in the wrong medium or at the wrong time, come and talk to me.

Mary Richards

Co-opted Governor

I recently retired from my job as an Environmental Health Officer with Winchester City Council, a post I held for over 30 years. I realised I wanted to undertake a volunteers role and was drawn to being a governor. With my recent move to Stockbridge I felt that being a governor at this school would be ideal. I look forward to working with my fellow governors, school and wider community to continue the excellent work that has been achieved at this school.

Adam Munt

Co-opted Governor

I’ve been living in Hampshire for 11 years now after moving from rural Norfolk where I lived and worked for many years. I’ve two grown up children and served as a parent governor for 6 years at the local primary school.

I have over 30 years experience working as a Programme manager in Insurance, Telecomms and Financial services. I’m currently working for an IT company based in London and hope I bring good business, teamwork knowledge and humour to my governors role.

When I’m not working I can usually be found on a bike, in a swimming pool, or in the great outdoors.

Jennifer Kidd

Co-opted Governor

I am delighted to be a near neighbour and co-opted community governor of Stockbridge Primary School.

My husband and I have lived in Old London Road since November 2010 and have a number of interests in the community. I co-edit the local community magazine for the three local parishes and help my husband to run the Community Cinema, while he is also a very active trustee of the Stockbridge Town Hall management committee. It has been interesting to discover how many of these roles and activities overlap offering mutual benefit to all.

I retired in 2010 having worked for nearly 40 years in education as a class teacher and later as a teacher and then manager of special educational needs services in London. I have 2 grandsons, both in primary school in Surrey.

Richie Holliday

Co-opted Governor

I live locally and have two children attending Stockbridge primary school.  I work part-time as a Non-Executive Director for a small portfolio of HR & Recruitment businesses, this being the sector I enjoyed working in for almost twenty years before relocating back to the UK after many years of living in Asia.

With a wide range of experience across multiple geographies I have had the privilege of working with a broad and diverse set of colleagues, clients and suppliers across several different cultures.

I served in the armed forces earlier in my career, and prior to that I studied Management at Manchester University. I am passionate about seeing the school succeed, and continue to improve, as I believe this can help provide the very best of outcomes for our children and keep the Stockbridge community thriving. I have a keen interest in helping local children achieve the best that they can, having personally benefitted in a primary school that similarly offered genuine opportunity and encouraged inquisitive and independent minds. In my spare time I also volunteer with the local Scouting movement as an adult leader.

Vicky Venables

Co-opted Governor

With a strong financial background managing budgets for the Police and Fire services within Hampshire County Council, Vicky strengthens the finance skillset on the FGB and brings a shared perspective of working with Hampshire systems and procedures to the table.  She has two young children – 1 in Year 1 and another waiting to join us in Year R in September 2021 who also attends our pre-school so she sees the school from lots of different perspectives.

Gemma Butler

Parent Governor

Further information to follow

Barry Stay

Clerk to Governors

Barry has worked in Education since 1970.  He has undertaken every post in both Primary, Secondary and Special schools including two special school Headships.  He was also a local authority advisor in East Sussex.  At retirement, he set up his own educational training company and worked across the country for four years.  He then became principal trainer for the largest educational trainer in the UK specialising in behaviour and safeguarding.  He has trained in over 1000 schools and 150 FE Colleges.  Recently, he worked as the governance professional for a Multi-Academy Trust.  In his spare time (!) he travels, loves the gym and does long distance walks.  So much for retirement!