Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

What's going on in school?


We’ve welcomed a full cohort of 20 children to our Year R class, Sprat & Winkle this September.  As well as the children, both of their teachers; Mrs Thomson & Miss Hatt, are also new!  They’ve made a great start to their learning and really love exploring the outdoor space in their new Year R area as well as making a cracking start learning their phonics.

We can’t wait to see what they get up to for the rest of the year!

We’ve also welcomed 5 new faces in other year groups across the school from all over the UK as families move into the area or change schools.  You are all very welcome.

Calshot bound

Every September, Year 5 children spend three days of their first week in school together at Calshot Activity Centre.  This year group are split across 2 classes back in school so it’s great to begin the year group getting to know the children in a different context and this always proves useful for the rest of the year.  Children this year experienced climbing, kayaking, archery, skiing and much more – their favourite, as a general consensus, was the ringos which is super speedy in a donut going down the dry ski slope!

Ancient Greeks and Further Education

Our children in upper school may only be aged 8-11 but we believe it’s vital for them to have a sense of career and aspiration as well as developing awe and wonder at the world we live in.  As an introduction to their topic of Ancient Greeks, they all visited the University of Reading who kindly opened their doors for our children to explore real Ancient Greek artefacts.  Not only were the children bowled over at the expanse and excitement of a university campus, they were often speechless (a rare thing!) when handling, with white gloves, real artefacts that are over a thousand years old – what a special thing.

Deadly 60 live!

Whilst upper school are exploring artefacts from thousands of year ago, lower school were experiencing live, deadly 60 animals on their recent trip to Longleat.  They threw themselves into the exploration of these interesting creatures and were even brave enough to handle some of them.  They returned to school that evening full of useful and interesting facts about all the animals they’d seen which will feed directly back into their own animal creations and understanding of science and food chains.

First sporting event of 23-24

In a highly competitive first sporting event of 23-24, a number of upper and lower school children represented our school at Cross Country.  We came third overall with some firsts, seconds and thirds individually – overall, a great success. All of the children, as you can see in the picture, proved to be an excellent team together too.

We have altered our PE provision this year to have a dedicated coaching slot for the any team that are partaking in a cluster event so that we can be sure the children have had skill and team practice before embarking on the competitive event.