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Who's my parent representative?

Our chat about reps are randomly chosen from class registers and represent a real cross section of our community.  When an agenda is published, it is really important that you make your voice heard by speaking to one of our reps about either the issues that are outlined on the agenda or to raise any other business (AOB) to be discussed at the meeting.  We usually ask for the AOB a few days in advance so that the school can prepare a useful response.

Please do make yourself known to our parent forum reps – they’re there for you!


Chloe Fenner

James Lister

Sprat & Winkle

Samson Cuff (Louise)

Rafe Mawson-Stevens (Lisa)

Joshua White (Miriam)


Arabella Gibbon (Jacqui)

Amelia Nedas (Charis)

Jack Witt (Claire)


Harry Glasspool (Brian)

Matilda Johnson (Sophie)


Megan McDonnell

Seren Shirley (Diane)


Rowan Gurr (Zoe)

Lewis Lakin (Tristan)

Cara Zanchi (Andrea)