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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Stockbridge Sport

Encouraging all of our children to be healthy and lead an active lifestyle is an integral part of the curriculum at Stockbridge Primary and Pre-School and starts with our 2 year olds in pre-school, where opportunities to be active and engage in physical games, support the children’s physical development, both gross and motor skills.  Children are encouraged to choose from a range of healthy snacks each day and this is linked, by the skill of the practitioner, to the active choices they make.

This extends throughout the school all the way to Year 6, by which time, children will have engaged with several different kinds of sports, dance, gymnastics, orienteering, swimming and other adventurous outdoor activities.  Team games, both within school and against other schools is encouraged to develop a healthy sense of competition and a working knowledge of team work and improvement of your personal performance.

Sports Mark Gold

Our PE provision is so effective that for 3 consecutive years, we have been awarded the Sports Mark Gold.  This recognises a high standard of PE provision both within the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities.

It also takes account of the numbers of children who take up such activities and how many teams we have that represent the school at the competitive events.  Our PE leader, Miss Tregunna, ensures that we are always reflecting on the provision throughout the day too as we know long periods sat down become ‘hot spots’ of inactivity so our heat maps identify these and teachers then plan small physical activity to break these up and keep our minds and bodies active.

Opportunities for sport

Outside of curriculum time, all children who leave us will have climbed, abseiled, caved, canoed, sailed completed numerous orienteering courses, learnt skills for hockey, rugby, basketball, netball, football, rounder, cricket and athletics to name but a few.

As part of our ‘cultural capital’ development of children’s wider world experiences, we ensure that there is never a barrier to taking part in these activities.

Some of our older children in Years 5 & 6 also form  a team of ‘Bronze ambassadors’ who ensure every playtime and lunchtime are active.  They are specially trained and can deliver small group games, obstacle courses, intra-school competitions and always organise the school’s ‘Sports Relief’ Day’ as well as being instrumental in ensuring our annual sports day is competitive and smoothly run.