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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Early Years & Year 1 data

In 2015-16, our Early Years children and Year 1 children performed superbly to maintain a 3 year trend of outstanding attainment.  We received a letter from Nick Gibb, Minister of State at the DfE, for our high performance in the Year 1 phonics check and our most recent OfSTED praised the quality of our Early Years provision.  We are very excited to include the pre-school in the 2016-17 data outcomes and have introduced tracking for our youngest children in line with our tracking of children in school so that we can ensure we are reaching the high standards we rightly expect throughout our setting.


Early Years children are said to have reached a ‘Good Level of Development’ (GLD) if they meet the Early Learning Goal (ELG) in the prime areas of ;

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Communication and Language development
  • plus the ELGs in Literacy and Mathematics. (not prime areas but still vital!)

Our Early Years children in 2019 outperformed County and National statistics for the 6th year in a row!  It was also the highest percentage of children achieving a Good Level of Development in any year of the last 9 and sees a very positive increase in the gap between us and the results nationally.

The table below shows our performance over the last three years with the % of children achieving a Good Level of Development:

School County National
2017 80% 78% 71%
2018 85% 77% 72%
2019 90% 77% 72%


In Year 1 children take a ‘phonics check’ which ensures they are on track for achieving milestones set by the DfE for young children linked to their reading skills.

Children run through 40 words, some of which make sense eg. queen, haunt, wove and some which don’t (nonsense words) eg. floost, woats, gax.

Our results in this have always been strong and in 2016 and 2017, 100% of children achieved the phonics check pass.  We received a letter from Nick Gibb, Minister of State for Education, congratulating us on our achievement.

Year 2 children who did not pass in Year 1 also have to retake the test and these results are published also.  In 2018, 2 children retook the test, both of whom were not with us during Year R or Year 1. In 2019. 1 child retook the test.  In all cases, the children passed the test meaning their phonics is on track to achieve Age Related Expectations (ARE) in reading at the end of Year 2.

The table below shows the % of children achieving a pass in Year 1:

School County National
2017 100% 82% 81%
2018 85% 84% 83%
2019 85% 83% 82%