Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Site staff

With the main school, pre-school and now the old Children’s centre as part of the school plus our huge grounds and facilities within them, we almost didn’t know we needed a site manager until we had one and of course, we would be lost without our cleaners.

Mrs Gilligan

Site manager

Mrs Gilligan is an essential part of our team.  She oversees the cleaning and site maintenance as well as leading on most of the Health & Safety on site. From boilers to borders, mending just about anything to meeting contractors, Mrs Gilligan knows how the building works and supports Mrs Jefferies in keeping us all safe.  She is also known by all the children and has been supporting us with end of day routines during COVID.

Mrs Tanner

Our super dooper cleaner

Mrs Gilligan and Mrs Tanner are our crack cleaning team who have the superskills of Mrs Hinch every evening and turn our school into a clean, safe place for children and staff to return each morning.