Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

A curriculum tailored to our children’s needs

We saw the new primary curriculum, introduced in 2014, as a golden opportunity to think more clearly about the content and design of the curriculum to ensure that it best suits the needs of the children at Stockbridge Primary School.  We of course, maintain our statutory duty to deliver the National Curriculum and use the revised primary frameworks for Literacy and Numeracy teaching.

We spent some time considering the things that our children were missing from their education as surely these are the things we ought to be providing in order to fulfil our mission of creating and shaping ‘learners for life’? We did work around children’s aids and barriers to learning and used the shared experiences of a very knowledgeable and experienced staff team to decide what should underpin our curriculum and the way in which we deliver learning opportunities. From this work, we identified 4 key drivers that ‘drive’ every bit of our teaching, regardless of topic or latest Government initiative.

Most importantly, we wanted to root our curriculum in rich experiences for children both within and outside their local, immediate environment. Each topic is linked to an external educational visit and visitor, where possible.
Click on each driver for our school definition of each and an explanation of why we chose this driver for our school:

Because of our mixed age classes, we follow a 2 year rolling programme so that children don’t cover the same topic more than once.  Closely built behind this schedule is a progression of skills and checks to ensure skills are developmental and build upon each other.  In 2016-17 for the first time, we have a Year 4/5 class so there is only a 1 year programme built specifically for these children, comprising units and learning from the national curriculum that arose because the new curriculum gives us greater flexibility in the topics we chose to practice and learn the skills through.

Year 1 children are split across 2 classes therefore follow a slightly adapted curriculum map for Year R.  More details of their links and learning are available on their class page; Sprat & Winkle.

You can view each year group's curriculum map here: