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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

What's going on in school?

Guitar crazy!

We’re all a little bit in love with Ed Sheeran here at Stockbridge and the we’ve had a phenomenal uptake in guitar lessons this year.  Kev Rees from Stringbrokers music in Andover has absolutely inspired the children and, although many children only started learning guitar in September, they were accomplished enough and confident enough to play brilliantly to a packed hall; parents, toddlers and admiring pupils!

Pumpkin Party

Children grow pumpkins in our polytunnel throughout the year and each year, we never fail to be amazed at how such a huge fruit can come from such a small seed!  As we are rural with few safe pavements and in some cases, none, our annual pumpkin party enables children to show off their beautiful pumpkin carvings.  It was a tough decision this year for Miss Tregunna and the teaching team to decide on a winner for each class – as you can see in the photograph opposite, we’re very creative!

Mutual respect

As part of our multicultural learning, Horsebridge class have been exploring the festival of Sukkot and understanding how others have similar and different beliefs to us.  They have been exploring the story through drama, building their own Sukkahs and learnt the rituals associated with the festival.  Of course, we start with what children know themselves; the rituals of getting out of the house on a morning, how their family might celebrate a special occasion, events in school that form part of a ritual eg. celebration assembly.  Their ideas were creative and exciting but showed that they were great at understanding and respecting others beliefs and faiths.

First star workers of 2017!

We are delighted to celebrate with you all our first star workers of 2017/18!  Harrison, Izzy, Mary, Sophie & Zac were very justly deserved winners of the star trophy award after our first week back at school.  They all demonstrated high levels of effort, adherence to and shining examples of our school values being used on a day by day basis and of course, worked very hard.

Well done!

I wonder who it’ll be next week….

Off to market!

Sprat & Winkle children have been busy in the polytunnel with Mrs Jefferies on a Friday and this week, their lettuces were ready to sell.  The project of growing this year’s vegetables and salad began after February half term and it’s quite literally grown and grown.  The lettuces were at a perfect size and remarkably uneaten by any (un)friendly caterpillars so, with the help of the older children from our gardening club, they selected the best, chopped them off carefully and packaged them ready to take to the Stockbridge County Market.  The country market is open only on a Thursday morning in the town hall and is a popular place for locals to gather for a chat and coffee as well as buy locally produced goods.  The ladies who run the produce stall are very kind to the children and allow them to keep a percentage of the profits which the older children in gardening club keep account of as a proper business would.  The profits will this year go towards feed for our chicks.

Daily mile

Embracing the drier, warmer weather as a great opportunity to get started on the daily mile, we have honing our technique for pacing ourselves as we run a mile (or more!).   It has been a brilliant week with lots of enthusiastic children and staff taking part in the daily mile; 5 times around our field is 1 mile and we keep going for 15 minutes so many of us can get in more than this.  Even our pre-schoolers have come to join us and with every day, we’ve got better and better.

Last year we were awarded the silver mark from Sainsbury’s School Games; this is recognition of our commitment to sport and developing active citizens so this year we have set our sights on Gold.  The daily mile helps to contribute to this active approach to learning and, best of all, we’ve found that by doing it after lunch, we’re not even taking too much out of the rest of the school day meaning that we can all see it as a longer term commitment.

Talent Show

This year we introduced a new school value; PRIDE.  We have spent the spring term talking to and demonstrating to children how they can show they’re proud of something they have achieved or work towards being proud of their learning and work as well as themselves.   Our talent show this week is proving to be quite a hit with musical performances, dramatic interludes and maths demonstrations to name but a few!


Along with Mrs Liddiard, the whole school have watched over our eggs and they’ve finally hatched!  From 12 eggs we have 4 chicks and they’re all beautifully different!  From a little yellow one through to black and white in different combinations, these bantam chicks are now part of our school. They hatched on Tuesday 4th April and the next day, our four chicks moved to their new home under the hot lamp for a few weeks.  Kingfisher class came to see them today after watching them hatch from their eggs the day before.  They were very excited!

***UPDATE – 12th May 2017***

Our in house competition to name the chicks has finally concluded and we have four rather funky names; Pingu, Scruffy, Sugar and Ruby – all very fitting as they’re linked to the individual characteristics of the chicks.


A big competition in our inter-school sports calendar is the netball festival, held annually in March. Children are coached by Mrs Zanchi on a morning before school and after school by Mrs Devereux with many of them choosing to also do practice during lunch and break times too!  It all paid off because we came third in this year’s competition which is a great result and the competition was stiff!  Children represented our school brilliantly and showed good sportsmanship throughout the event which is as important as the overall result.  Well done netballers!

Young Voices

Year 5 & 6 took a trip to London on Tuesday 7th February to experience the awesome feeling of being part of an 8000 strong choir and performing at the O2 arena.  A one-off opportunity for children to perform in a venue of this size to a huge crowd, this amazing experience is a celebration of our music provision and the culmination of our ‘Sing Up’ after school club.