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What's going on in school?

Beatboxing brilliance!

Earlier this year, our choir learnt to beat box and came up with their own tunes.  Reuben left inspired and he and his two brothers have been beatboxing at home.  Reuben and Joshua joined hundreds of other children and SK Shlomo to beatbox on a new single for the NHS – you can listen by clicking below.  Look out for them – they’re on the right hand side at the end and appear in the bottom left corner during the song – yellow & black tops!  Brilliant boys, well done!

Return to school after lockdown

Year R children returned to school on 1st June after being at home on lockdown for almost 10 weeks.  They were absolutely fantastic and came in to their new ‘bubbles’ with some children playing in a completely previously unused part of the school grounds – how exciting!

They enjoyed a full morning of learning and playing – even role playing out social distancing when going pretend shopping!  Water play, investigative play, treasure hunts and painting were the order of the day and they got totally stuck in.  Teachers had recorded mini videos to introduce children to their new routines – where to line up, the new automatic hand sanitisers, a new cloakroom and where they’ll be learning.  Thanks for all the super support Mums and Dads in making this so smooth for your children!  Hopefully, we’ll make coming back to school good memories!

Random Act of Kindness

We have been learning about Lent and being prepared.  In our assemblies, we’ve been considering the events in our day to day life and how much preparation goes into each one; getting to school, going to a football match, selling cakes for our #WeAreAustralia bake sale and more.  We learned about Jesus’ journey into the desert and how he used this time to get prepared to share God’s message and how Christians  give up something Lent to reflect the challenges and temptations Jesus faced.

Instead of giving something up, we thought we’d TAKE something up.  So…the whole school is engaged in 40 Random Acts of Kindness (RAK), set by us each day and reflected at home and in school.  We’re having a lot of fun and it feels great to do something kind for someone else, even if they don’t know it’s us that’s done it.

Parent termly briefings

Get a sneak peek at what your child will be learning this term.

At the beginning of each term, we invite all parents into school to meet with their child’s class teacher and find out what they will be learning for the term.  We look in depth at reading lists, guided reading books, the phonics they’ll learn or the spellings they’ll receive, the times tables they need to crack, the maths content of lessons as well as what the topic is all about and how parents can help support this at home.  We might also take the opportunity to explore the trickier bits of maths or spelling in case your child needs help at home so that you know how we’ll be showing them how to solve things in school.  We will also examine homework!

We’ve embraced THRIVE!

Recognition of our commitment to supporting children’s mental health

We are very proud to announce that we have moved ‘up’ a level in the THRIVE programme to fully embracing the THRIVE programme which centres around developing our understanding and support for children’s social and emotional development and ultimately, good mental health for all.  THRIVE allows us to screen all children to spot early gaps in their social and emotional development and gives us strategies and support to fill those gaps, build a strong and healthy stress management system and enable them to literally ‘thrive’.  We have 4 fully licensed THRIVE practitioners in our school and about 40% of our children are receiving THRIVE support of some kind.  This maybe to support immediate issues around friendships, family need such as a bereavement or family split as well as longer term issues related to transition, army family challenges, developmental delay, sensory processing difficulties and much more besides.

Young Voices 2019

Sing, Stockbridge, sing!

On a day when snow was threatened for the first time in 2019, we bravely set out to the O2 arena for Young Voices 2019.  Children had been rehearsing for this performance for months and throughout they sang confidently and full of voice with no words – just memories from rehearsals.  They were a credit to our school with impeccable behaviour before, during and after the rehearsals – lunch in Pizza Express at Greenwich and a late night coach home as well as closure of the M25 were just some of the adventures of the day!  Our parents were brilliant supporters too with many making the journey to the O2 to watch their children perform.  Special mention must go to Mrs Robinson (Snr!) who made a fantastic banner for parents to hold up, which enabled us to identify them in the huge audience easily.

What a brilliant day!

Lest we forget 1918-2018

A week of World War 1 remembrance

After returning from half term, the whole school has become immersed in World War 1 to support our children’s understanding of the end of the Great War.  They have learnt about the soldiers in their own families, traced their family trees back, discovered who the perspex soldiers are in the local Church and why their names are on the memorial and spent time trying to understand the sacrifices others made for us.

After a week of investigating at home, children were buzzing on their return to school, eager to share their findings and interesting snippets about their family in the past.  Two of the names on our war memorial, Francis Parfitt and Charles Brock are ancestors of children in our school today.  Another of us had a great, great grandma who nursed a soldier back to health and took such good care of him that during the second world war, he sent her care parcels and another of us had a great, great grandfather whose 6 sons all went to war and only 3 returned.  Children have had sensitive and empathetic responses and we’ve been impressed by their clay models and art work, depicting those who fought for our tomorrow. #Thankyou.

Service Children in school

Mrs Jefferies heads to London to hear from the best!

We have a number of children in our school whose parent or parents serve in the armed forces. Always trying to ensure we offer best practice and provision for all of our children,  Mrs Jefferies headed off to London for the SCiP alliance (Service Children’s Progression) conference where the key agencies working with and for service children were gathered.

We have benefitted from a generous grant from the Armed Forces Education Trust this year to develop our THRIVE provision to support children’s social and emotional development and, with the theme of the conference being ‘evidence into action’ – it couldn’t have been a better fit. She’s come back with lots of great ideas and a better idea of the wider picture of research and support for service children so onwards and upwards from here!

School Councillors 2018-19

Announced in celebration assembly Friday 21 September

Our School councillors were announced on Friday 21 September after 2 weeks of campaigning and peer voting.  Mimicking our democratic voting system, children were able to ‘campaign’ and speak to their peers about what they hoped to contribute and achieve as a school councillor.  After a final push on ‘election day’, we then had a private vote for each year group.  In one year group, there was a tie so the whole class had to re-vote with just the final 2 candidates.

Thanks to parents who support children at home with creating their campaign poster and flyers and a huge well done to every child for putting themselves forwards.  Congratulations to our school council for 2018-19;  Seren, Maia, Eva, Brooke, Harrison, Betsy, Lucy & Freddie.

Bronze ambassadors 2018-19

Chosen by peers and staff, our team is complete!

After much deliberation, the bronze ambassadors have been chosen for 2018-19.  The previous team of bronze ambassadors, some of whom have left school as they’ve moved into Year 7, helped to choose the team for 2018-19 and it was a difficult decision.

Our bronze ambassadors play a vital role in supporting children in being active at break and lunchtimes.  They are specially trained and support each other to pick teams, organise the daily mile, ensure teams are fair and know rules of games and much more.

Miss Tregunna, our PE leader, supervises the team but in reality, they need little supervising as they’re so competent.  They were chosen for being brilliant team players, their kind and encouraging personalities and willingness to be involved with everything active related.

Welly walk info for Fri 6 March

Dear Parents,

The welly walk WILL go ahead tomorrow however, having walked the route this evening, we have decided to shorten it as we don’t wish the children to get cold whilst sat having lunch. i’m sorry this information is coming to you late but we really wanted to see what the weather and the Test Way would be like up until the last moment.

We will have our packed lunches in school then get ready and leave after lunch, arriving at The Mayfly pub at the end of the school day. With the exception of gym club children and clubhouse children, all children will need collecting, by you, at the end of the day from The Mayfly. They have kindly agreed to allow us to use it for you to collect your children so please do pull in and park up there. DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 3PM.

Please read the following carefully.

  • Send your child to school in non-school uniform clothes that they are comfortable walking in (no shorts please).
  • Please send wellies and waterproofs in a bag and any other warm clothing you would like them to put on to walk in.
  • A hat, scarf and gloves would be great too please!
  • Please include a spare pair of socks.
  • Packed lunch is needed for every child unless you have already ordered a school packed lunch.

We have numerous and varied snacks for along the way (my husband is busy making one of them; flapjacks for 150 people!!)

This message will be posted on our facebook page and our news and events page of our website

Thanks for bearing with us (and the weather!)

Mrs Jefferies.