Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Pre-School staff

We know that handing your child over to someone else is a huge decision for any parent and we take the responsibility you pass us, incredibly seriously.  Our staff are experienced in Early Years and genuinely love being with children all day long!  Our setting is teacher-led by Mrs Hutchinson and ably supported by a great team who all take on responsibilities throughout the setting.

All of our staff have completed rigorous training in:

  • paediatric first aid
  • safeguarding and child protection
  • food safety & hygiene
  • PREVENT and British Values

Mrs Hutchinson

Qualified teacher

After 4 years teaching in our Year R/1 class, Mrs Hutchinson bravely took on the role of Early Years Leader to merge the pre-school into our bigger Stockbridge family. Her knowledge and expertise is second to none and she’s been described as our very own ‘Mary Poppins’.  There’s always a ‘big idea’ or exciting time planned in pre-school and Mrs Hutchinson is particularly skilled at developing children’s play to ensure they are also loving learning!

Mrs Williamson

Pre-School Governor

When the pre-school and school merged in September 2016, Mrs Williamson became a vital part of our Governing Body, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge about pre-school as she had been the chair of its committee for 2 years. She continues to support and advocate for pre-school children, ensuring that their voice is heard in the strategic decisions we make.  As a parent of a child at pre-school, she also adds this vital view of how well we are doing.

Mrs McInnes

Mrs McInnes brings a wealth of experience with pre-school children to our setting having worked in a busy Salisbury nursery.  After spending her first day in our setting, children already loved playing with her and she can often be found at the water tray or in the mud kitchen having a whale of a time!  Both the most mucky places in the setting!

Mrs Trott

As a mum of 4 children, Mrs Trott knows a thing or two about what motivates and excites children’s learning.  She has a particular interest in outdoor learning and is always the first to be in the mud kitchen or wildlife area, getting mucky and yucky in the mud!  Children love Mrs Trott’s great sense of fun and caring nature.

Miss Jacobs

With a tiny tot of her own, Miss Jacobs can often be found surrounded by a group of children doing something active and exciting inside and out.  Her enthusiasm for children’s learning knows no bounds and children love working and playing with her.