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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Our Governors

The Governors at Stockbridge Primary & Pre-School help Mrs Jefferies to manage the strategic side of school development whilst ensuring that the School is meeting its statutory responsibilities. They act as the School’s ‘critical friend’ to ensure that the needs of every child are catered for.

Chair: Catherine Williamson

Vice Chair: James McConnachie

Governing body membership comprises a core group of governors which in our governing body number a total of 5 posts; headteacher, Local Authority governor, two parent governors and a staff governor. In addition to this, there are up to 7 co-opted posts giving a total of 12 governors. We also have associate governor posts which are introduced for a time limited period to address a need of the school at any current point in time. Despite the organisational split in posts, no Governor has power over another and the Full Governing Body (FGB) work collaboratively for the good of the children at the school.

Core governing group

  • LA post: Catherine Williamson (Chair)
  • Parent 1: James McConnachie (Vice)
  • Parent 2: Miriam White
  • Staff post: Karen Tregunna
  • Headteacher: Emma Jefferies

Co-opted Governors:

  • Dane Oliver
  • Tom Horder
  • Jennifer Kidd
  • Adam Munt
  • Susan Mantell
  • 2 vacant spaces

Our clerk is Mrs Samantha Millen who can be contacted by email at

Usually, all correspondence to and for the Governing body should be sent to the clerk as first point of contact. Minutes of meetings are public documents and are available in paper copy once they have been approved by Governors.

Governor attendance

We run 2 committees plus the Full Governing Body each half term.  This means that we meet very regularly throughout the year to discuss business.  Attendance at the meetings is key to keeping in touch with what’s going on in school.

Attendance information

Governor details

Governors are divided into committee groups depending on their skill sets so that we maximise the benefits and expertise they bring to the school.  This spread of experience is important to a healthy, functioning and most importantly challenging Governing Body.

Governor details

Governors interests

It is vitally important for the school community that the school makes transparent judgements and decisions as they represent not just the parent and child body but take an oversight of the budget which is ultimately, public money. This is the register of pecuniary interest.

Pecuniary interests

Catherine Williamson

Vice Chair & Local Authority Governor

I moved to the Governing Body when the school merged with the pre-school and am the nominated governor for pre-school and early years links.  Having been the Chair of the Pre-School committee, I feel that this equips me well in monitoring the progress of children across the whole of the early years setting in our school.

Tom Horder

Co-opted Governor

I was brought up in Stockbridge and after moving away to study and then work I moved to Longstock about 4 years ago with my wife Jo. Our son Eddie has just started at the pre-school with his younger sister Bee to hopefully follow.  Most of our family live locally and I love this area. I became a governor because I wanted to help, if I could, ensure the success of our local school. I strongly believe that having a good, well run and happy school is vital to our community.

In my professional life I work as a criminal and regulatory law barrister. This involves working with a wide range of different individuals and entities including vulnerable clients, victims, and organisations including the Police, HMRC, the Health and Safety Executive and professional regulators.

Dane Oliver

Co-opted  Governor

I have been a governor at Stockbridge for ten years with four of them as Chair.  I have a special interest in physical education and educational visits which very much sits with the school’s rounded vision of education for children.  I am a physical education and outdoor education specialist having taught in all phases of education.  I have been Hampshire County Inspector for Physical Education and still inspect centres regularly to ensure our children are receiving the highest quality support, safety and tuition when taking part in a range of outdoor learning situations. I bring to the school a passion for the care of other people’s children when operating in all environments and am particularly proud of the provision we offer here.

Susan Mantell

Co-opted Governor

Susan has just joined the Governing Body and is a local resident who already volunteers in school every week.  More details to follow.

James McConnachie

Parent Governor

I moved to Longstock from Winchester and, before that, London. I am delighted to have three children at Stockbridge – two daughters at the school and a son at the pre-school. This is my first time as a school governor, but I bring a number of years’ experience as a non-executive director, so I’m familiar with issues of governance, strategy and values. My day job is as a writer and journalist, so I’m particularly interested in the school’s teaching of literacy and English. I love music, drama and the outdoors, and hope to find a way to contribute to what the school can offer our children in these areas.

Adam Munt

Co-opted Governor

Resident in Hampshire for 5 years I work as a Programme manager on business and IT change. I bring over 25 years of business and teamwork experience to the governing body as well as prior experience from my time as a parent governor in rural Norfolk where my children, now both studying at University, enjoyed a very happy and productive school life. When I’m not working I can usually be found in a swimming pool, on a bike or in the great outdoors.

Jennifer Kidd

Co-opted Governor

I am delighted be a near neighbour and now new community/co-opted governor of Stockbridge Primary School.
Since moving to Old London Road, in November 2010 I have had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Jefferies and some parent members of FOSS whilst being involved in local community activities. I now look forward to getting to know even more of the staff, parents and particularly children of this excellent school.
I retired in May 2010 after working for nearly 40 years in teaching and management roles in education and special education in London and, having had a short rest, I am now looking forward to working once again in the school environment.

Miriam White

Parent Governor

Miriam joined our Governing body earlier this academic year and is already putting her accounting and financial skills to good use interrogating the school budget to ensure we are providing the best value for our pupils.

Governor vacancy


We are currently looking for a Co-opted Governor to fill this vacancy.  We would particularly like to attract someone with a strong financial/accounting or marketing background to this post.  If you are interested, please contact Sam Millen, our clerk to Governors:

Governor vacancy


We are currently looking for a Co-opted Governor to fill this vacancy.  We would particularly like to attract someone with a strong financial/accounting or marketing background to this post.  If you are interested, please contact Sam Millen, our clerk to Governors: