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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Home learning guidance

Much of the children’s learning can be done online during any period of self-isolation and/or closure of the school.  We use many online programmes in our day to day learning which can be easily accessed from home; staff can log into them, leaders can log into all classes and, most importantly, children can log in from home.

  • Google classroom
  • TT Rock Stars
  • Class dojo
  • Tapestry

There are also a number of other sites and programmes which, in the event of a national directive of school closures, will become free to access until schools are told to reopen.  We will list the ones we think will be good to support children’s learning on this page if and when this applies.

Google Classroom

Each child has their own log on and unique password to Google Classroom.  Google classroom is a virtual classroom where teachers and children can post their work in the form of documents, pictures, videos and presentations.

Teachers have created ‘classrooms’ on there and will post work for children.  You DON’T need a computer with Word on (or any other programmes for that matter) as you can work within Google classroom which has an inbuilt version of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Watch short 'how to' videos by clicking here

Class dojo

Many of you will be familiar already with Class dojo as a means of seeing your child’s learning and success in school on a day by day basis.  Children use dojo in 3 ways:

  1. to earn ‘dojo’ points which reward general classroom behaviours and learning behaviours
  2. to post pictures of their learning to share with you with short comments from them or their teachers which you as parents can reply to.
  3. send messages to teachers (this shouldn’t replace email which is the main and preferred source of contact and one which teachers check daily – they do not check dojo messenger daily)
Download the dojo app from here