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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Another posting = another move = another set of choices

About a third of our school population are service families who largely come from the Middle Wallop training base so we do understand the instability that families go through on a fairly regular basis and the anxieties caused by having to uproot your entire family and home every 2 years or so.  We try to make the school part of your process as easy and hassle free as possible and are experienced at this.

Finding a school place for your child/ren is often the most challenging part of the move, after all, you’re likely to know which house you’ll be moving into and what the area might be like either first hand or through friends.  Schools vary hugely in the time between postings so we really recommend that you make contact with all the schools you are considering and, where possible, go and visit them to see what they’re like first hand.  What suits one family will not necessarily suit another and you’ll know, almost from the time you walk in the door, whether we are the school for you and your child.

Once you’ve decided that we are the right school for your family, you’ll need to make an application to Hampshire County using one of the two ways described on the ‘in year’ admissions page.

The most important part of the application process for you as an army family however, is making sure that you have your new address to hand.  If this is proving impossible, please let us know and we can work with you and the admissions team to find another way to prove the posting will be local to us.