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I’d like my child to move to your school at some point this year or in September but they’re not in Year R

You child may be at another Hampshire school or living outside of Hampshire and, for whatever reason, needs to move schools.  The information on this page applies only if your child will not be joining us in Year R in September 2019.  This applies therefore, to all year groups and ages and in year applications can be made at any time in the year.  This is a brief overview of the process.  More information is available on the Hampshire in year application pages.

Please note:  applications are considered no more than 4 weeks in advance so we cannot ‘hold a place’ for longer than this.

Apply directly to Hampshire…

You can apply directly to Hampshire using their online system.  This is a quick and easy way, particularly if you are moving into the area and cannot get into school to meet us.  You must then send separately any supporting documents such as evidence of a new address.  Applications can be made by clicking here.

…or apply directly to school

You can apply on a paper copy straight to school.  This can often be the quickest and easiest route as we have totally up to date information on place numbers.  We can then send notify you whether we have a space for your child/ren and deal with the forms and Hampshire on your behalf.