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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Redbridge class

Year 1/2

Miss Broadhead, supported by Mrs Flack, teaches Horsebridge class and the children really flourish here. Their topics for learning recognise their growing awareness of the world around them and provide challenging opportunities for them to ask questions and learn in greater depth about their own culture and that of others.

This is always a class on the go!  The children are sparky, love working in small groups but are equally happy to work on their own and are really learning the value of each of the steps of our effort mountain which begs the question in each learning point ‘how ‘in the flow’ are you?’  Our Year 1/2 children really rise to the challenge of being there all the time!


The curriculum for Year 1/2 and year 2/3 is closely matched and teachers of these classes plan together to ensure Year 2 have equal access to topics.  It also allows us to moderate our own judgements of children’s progress closely with 2 teachers working together as a team.  As our Year 2 children are across 2 separate classes, the curriculum is organised for Key Stage 1 carefully, having been revised to take account of the different year group organisation.  Year 1 children are carefully planned for so that their growing independence is fostered whilst still following the objectives they need to cover through their topic, literacy and numeracy work.

Annual overview Year A

Current topic

We love to learn new things in Redbridge and our Autumn topic is all about ‘Toys’  We.  We begin this topic learning about toys from the past and finding out what our older family members might have played with as children.  As part of our work as historians we are visiting Milestones Museum where we will ask the question ‘How is this different than today?”

Our history work will then lead us into our science.  Many toys from the past did not have a power source and we will be finding out about the use of forces in helping different toys to move.  Our science investigation question will be ‘which of the toy cars moves the furthest?’  After exploring the moving toys we will then use this knowledge to design and make our own moving vehicle.

This will then lead us perfectly to Christmas when we will be thinking about toys that we like to play with today.

Topic map

Year 2 SATs

Inevitably, we need to look towards the tests that Year 2s take nationally in June of this academic year.  We hold a briefing for parents at the end of Year 1 through the ‘meet the teacher’ evening so that parents already have a heads up of the raised expectations for their child in this year group.  We will reiterate this in the Autumn term and then in the Spring term, we hold a full briefing just about SATs.

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Mathletics – a fun way to do serious maths!

Your child has an individual log on for their Mathletics account and we encourage them to use this at least 4 times in the week.  There will always be a challenge set by the class teacher which is relevant to the learning they are doing in school that week.  Once this is completed, they are free to undertake and tackle maths challenges of their choice.

You can register as a parent and be linked to your child so that you can find out exactly how successful they’ve been and what areas of maths they’ve tackled.  Follow the link here to get registered.