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Redbridge class

Year 1

From September 2020,  Redbridge will be home to just Year 1 – 21 sparky, fun children and their teachers Mrs West and Miss Palk.  Miss Palk has moved up to Redbridge with Year 1 having been together in our Year R class during 2019-20.  Mrs West has joined us in September to see our Year 1s on the path to success as they begin the National Curriculum.

Their topics for learning recognise their growing awareness of the world around them and provide challenging opportunities for them to ask questions and learn in greater depth about their own culture and that of others. The first topic in Autumn 2020 is ‘Deadly 60’ and there’s already an ‘explorer’ role play in the class waiting to greet the children.

This is always a class on the go!  The children are sparky, love working in small groups but are equally happy to work on their own and are really learning the value of each of the steps of our effort mountain which begs the question in each learning point ‘how ‘in the flow’ are you?’  Our Year 1 children really rise to the challenge of being there all the time!

Welcome back for September!

Redbridge, Mrs West & Miss Palk have put this video together for you to help you find out what to do when school starts on Monday.  We can’t wait to see you!

Click on the link below to watch the video.



The curriculum for our lower school, on a 3 year rolling basis will continue as planned in 2020 but with each class able to give specific focus to a single year group.  Year 1 children are carefully planned for so that their growing independence is fostered whilst still following the objectives they need to cover through their topic, literacy and numeracy work.

Annual overview Year C

Current topic

We love to learn new things in Redbridge and our Autumn topic is all about ‘Deadly 60’.

Topic map


Mastering the ever increasingly complex world of phonics in Year 1 is key to future success.  We’ll be building on the great start the children have made in Year R and, using Letters and Sounds, accompanied by Big Cat Collins reading books, Year 1 children will be ready to tackle anything…in a few months!

Phonics scheme

TTRockstars – a fun way to do serious maths!

Your child has an individual log on for their TTRocks account and we encourage them to use this at least 4 times in the week.  This will help them to really perfect multiplication and division facts.