Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Horsebridge class

Year 2/3

Miss Tregunna, our Deputy Headteacher and Miss Biddlecombe, ably supported by Mrs Bluring, teaches Horsebridge class which brilliantly bridges the jump between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  Their topics for learning recognise their growing awareness of the world around them and provide challenging opportunities for them to ask questions and learn in greater depth about their own culture and that of others.


Learning is carefully planned as part of the wider infant team and children’s interests and growing knowledge is taken into account.  Phonics stills plays a huge part in learning at this age and children’s knowledge is continued from their earlier starting point using Letters & Sounds.  Children are independent readers who are beginning to read more widely, often loving non-fiction at this age and moving into reading a wider selection of books that are their own choice.

Annual overview (Year A)

Current topic

To ensure equity of experience, Horsebridge and Redbridge children (who share Year 2), both study the same topics and, just like the children in Redbridge, Horsebridge children love to learn new things. In the first half of the spring term the children will become ‘Waste Warriors’.

They will begin the half term exploring the properties of materials, especially those that are around them.  They will learn about the process of weaving to create fabric and the children will all create their own looms to weave upon.

We will also learn about the three R’s (reuse, recycle and reduce) and you may see us out and about in Stockbridge carrying out litter surveys.  As a result of this we will write to the council to share our findings and suggest ways of making Stockbridge and greener place to live.  We will also consider the global impact of our waste and explore ways of making a difference.

Topic map

Exploring other’s beliefs

Horsebridge have been learning about Sukkot this term and the ‘big idea’ of a RITUAL.  Our RE and cultural learning is underpinned by this ‘big idea’ so that children explore it first within their own lives and then how it applies to other faiths and beliefs.  They have had great fun and generated lots of questions about how and why people celebrate rituals and special occasions but ended up focusing on Sukkot.  Through drama, they understood the story behind Sukkot, built their own sukkahs and learned some of the aspects of this important Jewish festival.  The pictures below tell their own story!

We visited the local Solar farm where we learnt about solar power.  We also studied the biodiversity of the site as we were worried that habitats may have been destroyed in the building of the farm.

In the autumn term we held a Victorian day with Redbridge Class as part of our learning about life in the past.  We decided that we quite like being at school in 2017 after all!

Mathletics – a fun way to do serious maths!

Your child has an individual log on for their Mathletics account and we encourage them to use this at least 4 times in the week.  There will always be a challenge set by the class teacher which is relevant to the learning they are doing in school that week.  Once this is completed, they are free to undertake and tackle maths challenges of their choice.

You can register as a parent and be linked to your child so that you can find out exactly how successful they’ve been and what areas of maths they’ve tackled.  Follow the link here to get registered.