Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Site staff

With the main school, pre-school and now the old Children’s centre as part of the school plus our huge grounds and facilities within them, we almost didn’t know we needed a site manager until we had one and of course, we would be lost without our cleaners.

Mr Butt

Site manager

On more than one occasion since he joined us, Mr Butt’s DIY skills and rigorousness around all things Health and Safety have been well utilised and he is a key part of our team.  He keeps our school in ship shape fashion and ensures we have clear reporting procedures should anything not be quite right.  He has also worked with children on things like fire alarms, safe routes around school and much more.

Deltic Cleaning Company

Our super dooper cleaners

Jessica, Faye and Georgia are our crack cleaning team who have the superskills of Mrs Hinch in cleaning our school and making it sparkling clean.  There’s nothing they won’t tackle and we love their positive, can-do attitude.