Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Learning support staff

When you enter any one of our classrooms, you’d be forgiven for not knowing who was the teacher and who was the learning support assistant – we are rightly proud of this.  Our support staff are skilled practitioners themselves, some of whom are teachers  or are training to teacher, others have specialisms in SEN provision or Early Years.  Whatever skills, they are dedicated to making our school the very best place it can be for children.

Mrs Holdich

Year R

After moving to Stockbridge and her two children joining our school, we were lucky to bag Mrs Holdich as our Early Years specialist LSA.  She is quick on her feet at thinking up creative things for our children’s learning to be maximised and is very loved by all in Sprat & Winkle class and beyond.

Mrs Burnand


With a banking background and little school experience, we just knew at interview that Mrs Burnand had something special and she is a fabulous LSA who has demonstrated that maths is really her thing!  In 2017/18, Mrs Burnand is working across KS2 supporting Year 4/5 in the mornings and Year 5/6 in the afternoons.

Mrs Hollister

Year 1/2

Whether it be running individual support programmes or working with a small group or entire year group in the Year 1/2 class, 2017-18 is set to be a busy one for Mrs Hollister as she joins our school.

Mrs Bluring

Year 2/3 SEN support

She may only work 15hrs but Mrs Bluring packs a lot into a small amount of time providing expert SEN support to children in our Year 1/2 class.  A very experienced LSA, Mrs Bluring is a font of knowledge!

Mrs Hanham

Year 4/5 Mon – Thurs Year R (Thurs pm & Fridays)

Mrs Hanham has been working in our Year 4/5 class 1:1 with a child for a while and now uses her extensive EYFS experience with our Year R children on a Thursday afternoon and all day Friday.  She did work here years ago, her two children attend our school and we love having her!