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It’s here to stay!

Love the internet or loathe it, it’s here to stay and it’s going to be a huge part of your child’s education and social life for the forseeable future.  The web offers a rich range of resources for research and entertainment and it really can’t be avoided so we believe, at Stockbridge Primary, that we should do all we can to educate our children about how to use the internet safely and what to do should they encounter any problems.  Every class is taught an element of e-safety awareness each term from creating a safe password to knowing what to do should you see something inappropriate or upsetting.  This page will therefore be regularly updated to reflect their growing knowledge and awareness.

Talk, talk, talk

At our recent e-safety evening, we encouraged parents to establish a conversation with their child about e-safety and sharing of any devices used in the home and out and about.  A weekly conversation and review of all apps, especially social media ones, as part of a shared conversation with your child will help to keep you informed and, most importantly, them safe.  We love the new suite of resources for parents to help support conversations at home about being online.

Fab NSPCC resources

CEOP stand for ‘Child Exploitation and Online Protection’ and is a vital tool in keeping your child safe – post a link to it on their phone or tablet so that they’re always able to easily report pages that are upsetting or unfiltered.

Report to CEOP here

Game in confidence!

Your child is likely to access games which are connected, via the internet, to others who are playing the same game.  This is a potential route to children for grooming and you need to be smart about who your child plays with, how long for and that the game is suitable for their age; you wouldn’t allow them unsupervised into a playground on their own and games are the modern playgrounds so use the NSPCC advice and help your child stay safe.

Read on for safe gaming advice