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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Special educational or medical needs

You may feel that your child has special educational needs (SEN) or that you need to apply for a place at our school on medical grounds.  In our admissions policy, there is particular guidance on these complex issues and you can also find more information on the SEN page of Hampshire’s website.

We are proud of our equal opportunities policy in practice and our children with SEN generally perform better academically than similar children nationally.  We are only at the end of the phone should you want to chat this through further with us.

Appealing an admissions decision

Should you not receive the decision you were hoping for on your child’s application for our school then you are entitled to make an appeal which will be heard independently and to a clear timetable.

Appeals can be made on two grounds:

  1. Infant class sizes – this is where an application is refused on the grounds that the child’s admission would breach the infant class size limit of 30 children.
  2. Standard – this is where an application is refused because the child’s admission would prejudice the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources

In either case, more information and the detailed documentation behind each can be accessed through the appeals information page on the Hampshire County Council website.

Pre-school links & admission to school

Although we have an onsite pre-school which means we have extended the age-range of our school, being on roll at the pre-school doesn’t guarantee a place in the main school.  However, it does give you access to a teacher led pre-school setting which is, we believe, one of the best in the area.  Our staff work really closely with the school staff to ensure all children are as ready as possible to start school by giving them access to a wide range of experiences both in pre-school and progressively in the school building so that no matter which school they attend, they are familiar with bigger numbers, bigger buildings and bigger children – all quite daunting when you’re 3 or 4!