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Year 6  Wales residential

When we asked children to write about something to do with school, we were inundated with response about our Wales residential.  This is the culmination of our 4 year residential programme and children take a full part in the whole week, from rehearsing their recipes at school in the weeks leading up to the time away through to cooking for themselves and their peers each night

Information for parents            Brecon 24-28 May 2021

by Lewis and Beth

Waiting patiently on the bus ready to embrace all that lay ahead for us, we observed the house carefully.  This was our home for a week – a house in the Brecon Beacons that was all ours. After unloading the bus, we found the girls bedroom and the boys bedroom, unpacked the Asda shop from our shopping list and got cooking for our first night at Heol Senni.

When you go to Wales, you not only take part in activities but also, you need to make your bed, clean up and cook tea plus make your lunch.  This is important as you are responsible for yourself including getting your kit ready each day and making sure you have enough food to see you through exciting activities.

There were lots of things to eat though!  Miss T’s fry ups, casserole, mexican, risotto and more.

by Beth and Harley

If I could go to Wales again, I would do all of the same activities! It’s hard to pick a favourite but my best memory is the caving because you had to be pushed through a very small hole called ‘the postbox’ and even the teachers had to do it!

When you go caving, it takes quite a long time to get ready.  We had to go to the Mountain centre to get our boots and suits for caving – we looked funny in them!  Parking in the car park, we all followed our instructor into the caves.  We all asked lots of questions and helped others who were struggling.

Other activities are canoeing, hikes, historical walks, orienteering and mountain walking.  When we want mountain walking, it was a magical experience because we walked up and through clouds, down muddy tracks in our walking boots, which were nearly sucked off by the mud, and we conquered stiles!

At the end, we had incredible memories and we were all much more responsible and mature.