Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Year 5 Calshot residential

by Rowan and Georgia

Of all the residentials, I loved Calshot the most because it was so much fun from beginning to end. You do a range of activities on both land and water, lots that I had never tried before.  Calshot however, is not just about having fun but also about learning new things.  The most important thing when we were trying new activities was to have a go and get through your nerves as well as being collaborative because there were lots of opportunities for team work and learning how to work together.

You can do a range of activities such as kayaking, climbing, archery, skiing and sailing.  My favourite activity was sailing but it started with the most difficult activity of getting into your wetsuit!! My friend and I picked a boat and we learnt how to do many checks to make sure that the boat was ready to float.  When we eventually got going, we were having races with the rest of the class.  At one point, we were going so fast I though we might hit the Isle of Wight!

I had never ever tried skiing but I loved it because you could go very fast as well as learning how to stop and turn.  I’m looking forward to going skiing in a snowy place one day now.

On an evening, we shared bedrooms with 2 to 4 people – I shared with Evie and we were tired every night!  Of course, as it’s tradition at Stockbridge, we each brought our teddies with us and they came to our debrief at the end of each day.

What a brilliant time we had.