Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Year 4 Tile Barn residential

by Chloe, Izzy & Evie

I love our school residentials because you don’t have a second that isn’t fun.

We stayed at Tile Barn for two days and one night; the girls slept together on bunk beds, which was exciting for me because I don’t have these at home so I slept in the top bunk!

We did lots of different activities; when we arrived we went straight into a hike to explore the New Forest, which was fun because we were able to build our own dens and then eat lunch in them!

My favourite activity though was orienteering where we went in twos and threes.  We were given a map adn had to find the numbered clues which our teacher gave us.  Not all of them were easy!

I enjoyed eating meals with my friends; we made our own pizzas and had fruit, yoghurt and cereals as well as toast for breakfast.  We had a great time all together and not only did I have fun but I also learnt how to work as a team together.

I’d recommend it to anyone!