Shaping Learning For Life

Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Year 3 camping residential

by Elliott, Katie & Florence

In the summer time Year 3 have an opportunity to go camping.  It helps us by not being attached to devices, especially in the summer so they can go outdoors and have fun! We also do camping because summer normally has great weather! Mrs Jefferies and Mrs Hughes want us to have a good experience at school where we know the environment well so that we are ready to stay at other places without our relatives for longer.

All the children camp on the field, which is a lot more comfortable than the concrete playground! It’s really fun, you share a tent with a partner or 2 other people and have to bring a teddybear, sleeping bag, tea towel (so you can wipe up), camping plates and cutlery and of course, your toothbrush.  It feels weird brushing your teeth in school!

Before supper, you have to learn to put your tents up – we got a bit confused!  Our teacher came to help us and we eventually got there! One of the teachers cooks dinner inside but we eat outside.  It is almost dark when you’re eating!  Then, we play lovely games – we played duck, duck goose, which was very exciting!

At bedtime we got into our tents and eventually fell asleep.  In the morning we got dressed inside our tent and learnt how to keep it dry and set our tents up so that we looked after all our belongings – we might need this when we go to Wales.

We had breakfast sitting outside our tent then brushed our teeth in our school bathroom again. Afterwards, we went back to our tents to pack and then take our tents down – it was a lot easier than putting them up!

When our parents came to collect us, we didn’t want to go home.