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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Our library

written by Jade, Year 4, librarian

The library in school is a very important place because we have many books that can help expand your knowledge and help with your school work.  Our library has two areas; one for fiction and the other for non-fiction.  We have a number of pupils who look after the library.  I am one of them along with five others; Esmae, Marney, Evie, Seren and Georgia.  We are called librarians.


Our job as a librarian is to give other pupils interesting books and ideas for things to read!  After than, librarians will note down in their folder, what book the pupil will take so that we know it has been taken and who has it.  However, sometimes, librarians can reserve a book for you if you didn’t want it on that particular day.  Therefore, librarians are here to help you look for an amazing book that you will fall in love with.  


I enjoy being a librarian because I am involved in a very important part of our school.  I also love reading!