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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Clatford class

Year 5/6

It’s not all about SATs in Year 5/6 you know!  This class is taught by Miss Caws who is supported by Mrs Burnand in the afternoons.

We manage the split Year 5 group carefully to ensure that there is equality of opportunity and access to topics and the curriculum.  Teachers plan together to ensure that Year 5s are challenged and their needs met across both classes.

We rightly have high expectations of our Year 6 children; they are expected to be more self sufficient and independent with their homework, their choice of learning style, their reading and the roles and responsibilities they take on during the school day.  We place a lot of emphasis on this being their final year of primary education and how things might be different for them at secondary school so that it doesn’t come as too much of a shock!


The Year 5/6 curriculum takes account of children’s growing knowledge and ability to record, read and think mathematically and has a strong focus on other cultures which children find fascinating.  We don’t forget that children still need access to outdoor learning and this is a key part of our teaching so that we make best use of our grounds. This is also planned into our curriculum at a long term level.  For more information on the exact topics and how this weaves together, please visit our curriculum page.

Annual overview (Year A)

Current topic

As with Mottisfont class, Clatford class are learning the same topic of Lights, Camera, Action!  as they understand the role of drama and the works of Shakespeare, Macbeth in particular.  They are loving the drama and engagement which comes from taking on a character and have been interested in finding out all about the life and times of William Shakespeare.

To develop multicultural learning, the children are exploring the role of theatres to different cultures and over time in England.  In addition, the DT work on building their own theatres will be backed up by a practical visit to Salisbury Youth Theatre, something we’re all very excited about!

Topic map here

Home learning

A vital part of our KS2 preparation for secondary is children’s home learning and how they tackle this independently.  Children are given a topic linked home learning booklet with several tasks in.  They must complete at least 3 by the end of the half term but how and when they complete them is up to them – long gone are the days of leaving it to the last minute after they’ve experienced a couple of these and this builds on their independence for secondary.  We are always really impressed by the effort that goes into these home learning projects and the range of approaches to this.

Mathletics – a fun way to do serious maths!

Your child has an individual log on for their Mathletics account and we encourage them to use this at least 4 times in the week.  There will always be a challenge set by the class teacher which is relevant to the learning they are doing in school that week.  Once this is completed, they are free to undertake and tackle maths challenges of their choice.

You can register as a parent and be linked to your child so that you can find out exactly how successful they’ve been and what areas of maths they’ve tackled.  Follow the link here to get registered.