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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Key Stage 2 (Year 6)

Year 6 children undertook reading and maths tests in May 2022. ¬†Writing is not assessed in the same way using a test but through teacher assessment which is moderated and standardised both with colleagues in school, colleagues across our cluster of 8 schools and with the Local Authority. We follow this good practice of checking with both maths and reading also. The writing is measured against a list of statements and considers a number of pieces of a child’s writing over time.

Historically, we have a very good track record of performance at KS2 and consistently perform above the national and local averages and we are delighted that this continued despite the pandemic and children in Year 6 missing a lot of school in that time.

¬† % achieving expected standard or above SCHOOL % achieving expected standard or above NATIONAL % achieving a ‘high’ level of attainment Average scaled score Average progress score
Reading 95.4% 74% 48% 107.6 +1.2
Writing 95.4% 69% 16% n/a +1.9
Maths 84.2% 71% 27% 105.9 +0.5
Combined 84.2% 58.6% n/a n/a

We were delighted to receive a letter from the Secretary of State for Education to confirm that we were in the top 1% of all schools nationally for our results in Mathematics in 2018 and have replicated this success again in 2019.

You can visit the Department for Education’s performance tables by clicking the link here. although nothing was published for schools based on May 2022 data because of the impact of the pandemic.