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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Our response to COVID-19

There is no denying that COVID-19 has had huge implications for the way that schools and pre-schools deliver learning, communicate with parents and the community around them and with ever changing announcements, it can be difficult for parents to know what to expect as well as school staff, leaders and outside agencies involved with the school.

Since March 2020, the whole community have worked hard together to support one another and continue to deliver high quality learning both for those who remain in school through key worker and vulnerable groups as well as for those at home.

This page aims to provide links to useful information, documents sent from school and important things our families might find useful.

Coming into school during COVID

Although we have had many guises of children being in school, from children of key workers, vulnerable children, particular year groups, everyone and then back to the groups again, there is clear information available at those critical times.

Click here to find guidance on what to do if your child is coming into school (current Jan 21)

Learning from home during COVID

As of January 2021, 52% of our children are learning from home.  We are predominantly using Google Classroom as a delivery tool for home learning although we don’t want children to spend all day sat in front of screens.  The link below takes you to our home learning guidance page where you’ll find help videos, information about live lessons and more.

Click here to find guidance on what to do if your child is learning from home (current Jan 21)

Safeguarding during a pandemic

Our duty to safeguard and protect children whether they are learning from home or coming into school remains paramount and a good deal of time is spent ensuring we know where every child is, how they’re getting on and making sure that our risk assessments and communications with all families are high profile.

Click here for our risk assessment & other safeguarding info (current Jan 21)

Guidance & useful documents

The sheer volume of guidance & updates can be overwhelming so we’ve tried to list the most useful here for you as an easy place to access them.  Many of the links will take you to external websites where guidance may change so please do keep your eye on them if you are looking for something specific.  Once you’ve clicked through, it may be worth refreshing the page you get to in order to make sure you’re reading the most up to date version.

Click here to reach easy links to documents and websites with further COVID guidance