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Stockbridge - Primary and Pre-school

Fullerton Class

Year 5

A brand new class for 2020 and they’ve managed to bag Mrs McClue for the term!  Year 5s are going to love their new classroom which used to be the hall!  New desks, new learning space and a new teacher are an exciting start to the academic year as we move to single year groups for the autumn term.

From January, this year group will be split back into mixed age classes – Year 4/5 with Mrs Natt and Year 5/6 with Miss Caws but for now, we’ll revel in being a class of 20!

Welcome back for September!

Fullerton, Mrs McClue and Mrs Lee have put this video together for you to help you find out what to do when school starts on Monday.  We can’t wait to see you, you’re in a special new classroom for the autumn term from now all the way until Christmas.



As with the rest of the upper school, Year 5 work from a 3 year rolling programme and this year, it’s Year A.  This ensures even coverage when we’re in our mixed age classes and gives time in depth to study particular aspects carefully.  We always consider a ‘big question’ each term, one that has no easy answer and Year 5s show real critical thinking and their growing maturity in answering these tricky questions from their own viewpoints.


The topic for this term is Ancient Greeks and Year 5s will find a ready built Parthenon facade in their new classroom already.  They’re ready to dive straight into learning about how the Greeks have influenced our world today and consider what a legacy really means.


Year 5 is when things get really adventurous!  A visit to Calshot is planned and all our fingers are crossed that it goes ahead as COVID restrictions ease. Calshot is a great, safe place for children to push boundaries, try new adventurous activities and perhaps find that resilience and resourcefulness that we talk a lot about in school really, really matter in life.

A child's view